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Since 2005, we have produced videos to help our clients reach their customers, teams and followers

We can help you with:

Safety awareness

Ensure staff and volunteers understand:
The key things to look out for; What’s expected; How to safely operate equipment; What to do in an emergency, and other WHS compliance requirements


Provide everyone with consistent, cost effective and high quality information - when they need it. Training videos can also be used to explain code of conduct and other HR policy information to assist with your compliance requirements.

Induction videos for new staff

Ensure every new employee receives on-time, relevant information on the key topics that are important to your business. Induction videos also work well in conjunction with your New Employee Induction Manual.

Customer testimonial videos

The most powerful sales material is word-of-mouth recommendations from your current and past customers. There’s nothing like hearing others explain why they chose your business.

Website welcome

Engage and help website visitors understand the values and service offerings of your business. Website videos are also a powerful form of advertising when it comes to helping potential customers feel like they know, like and trust you.


Show people how to use your products and the genuine benefits to be gained. In fact, research consistently finds that adding a video to your sales landing page can boost conversions by 80%.

About the Founder

Unsurprisingly, Simon Malcolm started Simon Malcolm Productions. A consummate professional, one of Simon’s most endearing characteristics is his ability to quickly make people feel at ease in front of the camera. This helps even the most hesitant speakers relax and genuinely communicate their message.

Every video shoot is carefully planned to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

Adelaide based, Simon is happy to travel to your nominated location. Plus, we offer a choice of tailored or standard video service packages.

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